Childhood heroes...

We all know what cuddly toys can do. Experts say they can even have fundamentally positive therapeutic effects on phases of a child’s development (socialisation, identity negotiation and self-development, to name but a few).

With the mapapu cuddly toys, we go a step further!!

The trusted scent and familiar clothing materials from parents incorporated into a mapapu instantaneously create a feeling of trust and well-being in a child and consequently augment the cuddly toy’s positive attributes.

When a child is struggeling...

... a mapapu can help them back on their feet. Revelling in their role as a comforter, mapapus can help in a variety of situations; for example when your child is homesick, or needs to get used to a preschool or day care, or even in cases where mum or dad are often away for business. But it is when children have much more than that to deal with that mapapus become real heroes.


One example being children whose parents are separated. No matter which household they happen to find themselves in, with a mapapu they will always have something of both parents close at hand. With a mapapu by their side, your children will have a companion who they can truly identify with because it originates from their parents. A mapapu also has secret healing powers: it holds together something that for a child will always be inseparable, because ultimately they have the same origins: mum and dad. When given a mapapu, a child receives a clear signal from the separated parents that he or she is deeply loved and perfect in every way. A mapapu can also help a child process the separation and minimize the allocation of blame, which a child at the centre of a separation can all too quickly assume itself. Certainly, for many a separated parent it may indeed be a lot to ask to come together again with their ex to ‘make’ a mapapu; but such a move may be precisely what your child needs to see that you are still joint parents, even though you are going your separate ways.

For bereaved children, a mapapu sewn together from the favorite t-shirts of the loved one who passed is an effective way to help them process grief. When children lose someone close, they grieve in a variety of ways – and certainly in a very different way to adults. There are many facets to a child’s grieving, some of which are not always perceptible or even comprehensible to us grown-ups. Grieving is all about personal soul-searching to somehow process an extremely profound loss in order to steady oneself again.
A mapapu made from the clothing of the lovedone who passed offers a way of making something totally unfathomable and extremely hard to grasp, just that little bit more comprehensible. In the course of playing, a child is helped to come to terms with his or her personal experience of the situation. As a friend to talk to and cry with, a mapapu provides a sort of sanctuary where a child is able to draw strength and courage! Moreover, a mapapu is a deeply personal reminder of the beloved one.

We see a mapapu as being just one way of helping a child to process the situation and deal with all the different forms of grieving a child can go through.


When grown-ups are down...

Therapists frequently approach us to identify other fields of relevance: it seems the comforting role of mapapus has extended beyond the consoling of children…

... adults sometimes experience distress too. Accordingly, mapapus are no longer just made of parents t-shirts. We grown-ups also need a hug sometimes: you can put an arm around a mapapu, give it a big hug, and in return it will evoke cherished memories. In the form of a mini-mapapu made out of a child’s t-shirts, for example, a mapapu can help console a bereaved parent. Comfort can also be brought to an adult who has lost a partner. Mapapus can also play a role in relation to specific psychotherapeutic issues such as inner child therapy or processing the trauma of losing a child during pregnancy.

A mapapu made from intensively symbolical, personal materials can certainly provide a degree of support in dealing with grief. Ultimately, wherever a comforting figure may be needed: we love the thought behind our mapapus and wholeheartedly believe in the healing powers they have!

Kristinas mapapu

"... my mum and I both broke into tears. Just how beautifully you created our mapapu simply left me speechless – a wonderful reminder of my brother!„

Kristina from Neuenhaus

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Kessys mapapu

“Well, she immediately loved the mapapu and gave it a big hug. I’m confident it will find its place and help comfort her.”

Kessy from Ladenburg

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Melanies mapapu

“I was delighted that the kids wanted a mapapu. A really unique and exceptional gift.”

Melanie from Hamburg

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Stephanies mapapu

“He is as colourful, friendly, happy and feisty as our little Leopold! Thank you for creating something so beautiful, special, affectionate, creative and happy from our favourite T-shirts!”

Stephanie from Munich

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Sylkes mapapu

"...he comforts me and is company for me, always there for a cuddle when I long for nearness on those lonely evenings and nights!"


Sylke from Rosbach

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