Let’s get started!

It goes without saying that it’s the t-shirts that make the mapapu! The quality and composition of the t-shirt materials lies in your own hands!! So get creative and start searching that wardrobe. Here are a few tips from us:

These are things you have to consider:

  • t-shirts need to be clean,
  • free of holes,
  • tear-resistant and not too permeable or see-through.
  • At least one should have t-shirt sleeves of normal length, a second one can then be sleeveless.
  • Rhinestones, buttons etc. are good for creating quirky details: however, they can also be inadvertently swallowed! So don’t forget to take the child’s age into consideration!
  • IMPORTANT!!! The quality of the t-shirts dictates the quality of the mapapus!!!

Once these points have been considered, you are free to choose any t-shirts you want!

These are things you might want to consider:

So, now you are standing in front of your wardrobe, here are a few suggestions:

A mapapu can, for example, send out a message in the form of a statement or imprint. Naturally there is only so much space on a mapapu, so if both t-shirts encompass a statement or imprint, then a mapapu can quickly look a bit ‘busy’.

A good example, for instance, would be one with dad’s favourite band on together with the t-shirt mum liked to wear during pregnancy.

Colour combinations! Does the t-shirt with the orange flowers really go with the purple shirt with the blue yacht motif??! It might look a bit loud, but then if loud is what you want...!!

Bear in mind when picking a white t-shirt that your child will be playing with the mapapu…which has to be hand washed.

If you want a mapapu with a hat (see photo album), then one of the pieces of clothing should be a vest top.

The number of possibilities you have is endless...! Feel free to be inspired by our album and don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you have any questions, special wishes or are uncertain about anything!

Favourite and familiar t-shirts are of course prime material for making a mapapu, as your child will recognize them straightaway. But above all in the case of small children, the main recognition comes via the scent! As a consequence, we recommend that the t-shirts are washed using your usual washing powder and then worn to bed for one night before they are sent to us. Your scent will be exuded by the mapapu for quite a while, but then that’s what mapapus do!

As regards the optical anchoring effect, depending on the child’s age it is sometimes better to select t-shirts that you have worn at some point in photos. This will also help create a bond between the child and mapapu!

Experience tells us that most kids have special wishes that are also very important. As a result, we often sew together not just two t-shirts, but three or four, and then additionally add quite a few appliques etc. If you have any specific ideas or wishes for your mapapu, simply let us know and we’ll check out what can be done!

Customs declaraion

If you send your fabric with USPS to us you will need to fill out a customs declaration form. How this form looks like and how it needs to be filled out you can see in the pictures here. Please note that the approximate costs for sending the clothes to us will be about $25. These are additional costs which are not included in the price for your mapapu. The costs of sending your mapapu back to you are already included in the pride.

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