Exclusive & unique
– just like your child!

A mapapu (a German word creation from MAma-PApa-PUppe/mummy-daddy-puppet) is a cuddly animal sewn together from your favorite t-shirts especially for your child! We use your t-shirts to create an extremely individual mapapu that tells of you, reflects you and even carries your scent...!

By sewing and arranging the t-shirt motifs, fine details and special seams with care and affection under your guidance, we fashion a cuddly friend for your child that is a world away from any standard, off-the-shelf cuddly toy: recognizable clothing materials from parents and the familiar scent instantaneously create a feeling of trust and well-being.

Freund fürs Leben

Childhood heroes...

We all know what cuddly toys can do. Experts even attribute characteristics to them that are fundamental to a child’s development. For example, a cuddly toy is an invaluable companion when a child is going through the phases of identity negotiation, self-development and socialisation.

With mapapus, we go a step further!

What mapapus do:

The positive characteristics of a cuddly toy are significantly augmented through personalisation and intensive bonding. Older kids will immediately recognize a parent’s clothing materials, while little ones will take an instant shine to mapapus because of the scent: ultimately, mapapus exude the parents’ scent. For youngsters AND older kids this signals trust, bonding, love, well-being and safety..

Every mapapu is absolutely unique – just like your child. Truly one of a kind, it offers profoundness and personality. A friend for life – originating from you!

The perfect gift as a token of love at a birth or baptism or simply as a special gift to lovers, friends, partners...


These mapapus made from your child’s own t-shirts are extremely popular. We can sew these mini-mapapus together from t-shirts in European size 92 (age range of 2 years or 35 to 37 inches) and upwards.

In many instances, incorporating a child’s first romper suit or extra special, petite t-shirt within the mapapu is of major importance. In this case, we ask that you provide us with a t-shirt from both mum and dad, which will be used to create the mapapu body. We then incorporate the babywear into the mapapu in the form of appliques, secret pockets, hand and foot surfaces or similar, or any other special detailing that evolves during our personal discussions with you!

What parents ultimately receive is a wonderful memento of a child that will no doubt grow up much too quickly. Naturally we can also create a mapapu that is an expression of more than one child!

In principle: we can incorporate absolutely anyone who wishes to be part of a mapapu!!