We receive awesome feedbacks on a regular basis, which makes us very happy.

Here is a small selection.

Michelle wrote...
Michelle´s mapapu

Hello there!! 

WOW simply WOW…! We are speechless, touched and totally in love…I don´t know what to say!

Both mapapus are absolutely amazing! I have no idea how to say thank you for what you did. It is incredible what you made out of these shirts. With so much love for every detail. I just want to look at the mapapu constantly.

Lena also reacted very sweet. I have the feeling she know that it is not simply a stuffed animal. They mean something to her. But Finn doesn´t get it yet. But he let the mapapus watch him play today. I will send you some pictures from today and also from the time Marcel wore the shirts.

Sending love and hugs
Michelle, Lena & Finn

Kristina wrote...
Kristinas´s mapapu

Hello Jen, hello Hendrik

Today our mapapu arrived. It was an awesome feeling to finally hold it in my hands. It made my mum and me cry and I´m still speechless how great the mamapu turned out. It really represents my brother.

You created something very special with so much love. I´m very thankful and I will always be when I look at the mapapu. It is very soothing to have it here.

You totally topped my expectations and I don’t have enough words to say how thankful I am. Thank you very,very much. It is a wonderful idea you had when you started creating mapapus and you are helping people in a true and loving way. Therefore you have all my respect and I´m very touched and thankful. I will always love talking about you.

A deepest thank you from me and my parents


Evelyn wrote...
Evelyn´s mapapu

Marlon and Larissa suddenly lost their little 2 year old sister! Nothing was like it used to be. Their little sister had gone to heaven over night. She left her stroller, her chair and her bed behind empty. Her clothes are still in her wardrobe.

Then by accident I bumped into mapapu. I was immediately totally thrilled by this idea to have a mapapu made out of Aliena´s clothes for both of her siblings. I explained the idea to Marlon and Larissa and both wanted to get a mapapu and they were allowed to choose their favorite clothes out of Aliena´s wardrobe.

Then I sent the clothes to Jen & Hendrik and a couple of weeks later we could unpack our mapapus with excitement.

They are now the soul comforter for the whole family and the kids always carry them with them. They cuddle with them in the bed, they bring them to breakfast and they are greeted with a good morning kiss. Those evenings we are watching a movie the mapapus are always present. They became a part of our family. To hug the mapapu comforts the heart and I would have never expected that a puppet could do that. We are very thankful that we have these cute comforters with us.

Birgit wrote...
Birgit´s mapapu

Dear Jen, dear Hendrik,

Well, I don’t know what you are doing right now…..but I know what I do! I am smiling and feel totally happy.

“All waves we send out to the world are coming back to us” Maybe yesterday was such a day, when the mapapu moved into our house.

My mum is totally thrilled that she finally has someone besides her, who wears all those familiar clothes. She can greet, cuddle, talk and hold the wonderful mapapu.

I wish you could have seen her and her amazement. She is never speechless but this time she was. Jen, this mapapu really suits Helmut well and I had to laugh when I unpacked the package and finally got to hold the mapapu.

My mum asked me to send the warmest greetings to you. She is totally amazed by your idea and the work you are doing. This is very professional. And since she used to work as a tailor her praise must count twice right? She tested the quality of the mapapu and one can see that you put a lot of thoughts and love into it. The mapapu now belongs to her world and will get a special place in the house. I´m sure it will always put a smile on her face, when she sees it. She so much deserves this!

I want to say thank you for all your work, your creativity and your commitment. With your mapapus you make the world a better place. Please continue what you are doing!

Best regards


Sylke wrote...
Sylke´s mapapu

Dear Jen, dear Hendrik,

Yesterday I was able to meet my mapapu for the first time.

The mapapu that you………

…created?......too technical

…gave birth to?.......too painful

…designed?....too artistic

……made with noticeable passion, creativity, with emotions and wonderful skills, so much caring thoughts and send on its trip to a human heart so that it can comfort and accompany me. It will be there, waiting to be cuddled when I need closeness in those evenings and nights that are very lonely.

Thank you so much for your part of this wonderful gift my best friends gave me. From now on this cute little buddy will be with me.


With all the best wishes for you!


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